Why we’ve been quiet.

We know it’s been very quiet from our side during the last year or so, unfortunately we won’t break the silence with good news. We’ve noticed for some months now that the musical interests in the band were divided. No drama or fights, but we were not aligned on how to move forward with our music. We tried to solve this by spending some time trying to find a middle ground, musically, but in the end it proved to be too difficult.

Therefore Folkert has decided to leave the band and pursue different projects and find a new identity in his life as a musician. He was part of the band for 11 years and we have shared many highlights together, so we will part as friends and wish him all the best in any of his future endeavors.

Raoul and Leon have decided to plan an indefinite hiatus for now and focus on our lives outside of the band. Although we still love the band and want to continue making music, we feel that this is something we need to do right now. In the future we will reconvene and see how we will continue, when that happens we will be sure to inform you all.

Thanks for your support, until next time!

Raoul and Leon

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