Witness ‘Through The Labyrinth’ live!

We know that things have been quiet over here but it doesn’t mean that we’ve been sitting on our hands!

We’re very happy to announce that we’re organizing a gig at and will play with our friends from Armed Cloud and IDEK. It’s going to be a special event for us because it’s been (a little over) a year since we’ve released our debut album ‘Through The Labyrinth’. We never really had a release party, so we decided it was about time to have a ‘belated release party’ of sorts and play our album ‘Through The Labyrinth’ from front to back for you all! We’ve always wanted to do a release party but, due to a number of reasons, we were never able to do so.

So please join us celebrating the one year anniversary/belated release party of ‘Through The Labyrinth’.

Where: dB’s, Utrecht
When:  22nd of March

Presale is available here

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