Epic Mind - Through the Labyrinth (album art)

New album out now!

Through the labyrinth, the full-length debut album of the Dutch progressive metal-band Epic Mind, is out now. With 8 hard-hitting songs, including a 20-minute epos, Epic Mind successfully delivers the full progressive metal-package that you have been waiting for.

“a truly great album to say the least”
“the power, the tight performance, the sound — it’s all there.”
Prog Sphere
“A debut album that a young band can be proud of”
“The album offers a lot of adventure, variety, and excellent guitar parts, and you feel the musician’s joy of playing in the music”  
“So, this is serious shit!”
“Band with potential”
Lords of Metal

You can buy a physical CD for €10 (excl. shipping) on bandcamp, or by contacting us, and you can buy a digital CD for € 5,99 on bandcamp
You can also choose to listen to the album for free by streaming it on places like Spotify, DeezerSoundcloud or Youtube.

We are Epic Mind

A Dutch progressive metal band based in the city of Utrecht. The music features heavy guitar riffs, catchy bass lines, tantalizing drum patterns, versatile and powerfull vocals, and a touch of keyboards. The songs vary from intimate and sensitive to brutal and intense, using technical and mind-blowing riffs along the way.

Epic Mind was formed in the year 2008 by Raoul Van Oosten (guitars) and Nathaniël Sonneveld (bass) after terminating the band Serendipity, with Folkert van Blom (drums) and Leon Vonk (vocals) joining in 2009 and 2012, respectively. The band initially focused on playing live and, in 2014, reached the semi-finals of the Metal Battle. At that time focus was shifted towards writing songs, and the recording process for the debut album was started early 2015. During the final stages of recording the album, in 2016, co-founder Nathaniël Sonneveld passed the torch as a bass player to Jari Stoppelenburg.